Motivational Minute: Accountability Buddy

When you working towards your goals, do you tell anyone about your progress? Or do you keep it all to yourself?

I’ve found over the years that letting others know about what you are trying to work toward is helpful as it keeps you accountable.

So, for your 60-second motivational tip for the week…

You can continue to work toward your goals is by having someone who can help to keep you accountable. By having someone to ask you about your progress or about how you feel about the goal can help you keep your goals in the forefront of your mind, so you can continue to work toward reaching them. If you cannot find an accountability buddy, I’ve found posting your progress on a social media platform to be helpful as well.

I find that keeping a schedule to check-in is helpful for keeping you on track.

But whether you find an accountability buddy or post online, make sure that you have someone who contributes to your progress, not take away from it.

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